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    Monte Vista

    Ultimate Luxury
  • Enjoy our Services
    Monte Vista

    Ultimate Luxury
  • Enjoy our Services
    Monte Vista

    Ultimate Luxury

Welcome to Monte Vista

Our careful attention to details, combined with our elegant facilitie, has offered a heavenly escape for those seeking a break from the noises and stresses of city life.

Our concept is the 6 month – stay (with additional couple of days). The season starts April 25 until November 10 (it is required to schedule in advance). Montenegro is easy accessible. Airlines offer connecting flights. There are two close-by airports: Dubrovnik (just 20 minutes away) and Tivat (45 minutes away).

Contact your SPA regarding tax benefits, being 6+ months out of the USA.

Why we are different?

Our maximum occupancy is 10 people and everything is highly customized.

The approach we use is modernized, meaning we believe that socialization with adults, middle-aged, children, and this vibrant life with all ages provide only benefits to your physical and mental health. We work on many levels of life prolonging:
1. Healthy food
2. Healthy climate, high air – quality and mineral waters
3. Socialization and vibrant life

We provide a premier level of care and understanding while we make memories happen.

The magic of Montenegro

At the edge of the Adriatic sea is Montenegro a land of tiny magical islands, ancient olive growths, citrus gardens and serene Rivieras. This unique state awaits those who seek the distinct Mediterranean charm. The country embraces UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea, and the position of the country links it to the best parts of Europe. Its breathtaking scenery inspired artists, royals and celebrities for over many centuries.

In Montenegro, elegantly positioned at the entrance to Boka Bay is Herceg Novi. It is a town of many wonders, oasis of Mediterranean vegetation, lush botanical treasures, such: oranges, palms, eucalyptus with smell of magnolia and mimosa trees.

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The coast of Montenegro has a mild temperature during the year. The mixture of Mediterranean climate coming from the bay’s entrance and the continental from Orijen mountain (6 km away) creates a micro-climate which is beneficial for health. Barometric pressure influences oxygen to enter blood vessels for faster body recovery. This is the reason why the late president Tito made his villa precisely here.

Food - dare to imagine

Most of the food is organic, locally grown. You can even pick some of it from our garden. Mediterranean diet is the best for life prolonging and this place is an undiscovered blue zone with a long life expectancy.


Additional activities:

Facultative trips:

  • » Italy (south) by ferry/car
  • » Italy (north) by ferry/car
  • » Many destinations from Tivat or Dubrovnik (Prague, Paris, Budapest …).

Our Awesome Services


Facilities and Staff



» Pet – friendly environment
» Elderly proof amenities
» Library
» Multipurpose common area
» Bed and breakfast – style suites
» Hair and make – up
» Fitness center
» Beautifully landscaped grounds and courtyards
» Residence personalization and moving coordination
» 24/7 security and emergency call system


Friendly, English – speaking staff:

» Doctor
» Nurse
» Beautician
» Physiotherapist
» Administrator
» Socializing assistant
» Concierge
» Chef
» House - keeper
» Driver
» Guard


Many celebrities recognized the beauty of this place: Orson Wells, Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Loren, Princess Margaret, Carlo Ponti, Kirk Douglas, Princ Albert of Monaco, Roberto Cavalli, Julio Iglesias, Beyonce, Prince Charles, Monica Bellucci, Naomi Campbell, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and many more.



We value your opinion regarding our service and facilities. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

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